Welcome to Ten Times, a monthly dispatch from me, Tenley Schwartz!

Who am I and what is this email I’m trying to jam into your inbox?

Ten Times is a collection of stories from my life that I gather each month. If a comic book and an email had a baby, this would be it. Some drawings and thoughts, all complied in a monthly email.

You might like it if you:

  • Want a lighthearted read every month

  • Are curious about what someone else notices day-to-day

  • Think kids aren’t the only ones who deserve fun stories

  • Like occasional dinner ideas (because we are grownups, after all)

  • Are one of my real-life friends/relatives who wants to keep tabs on me without actually talking (Ok, I get it, we’re all busy, I love you)

  • Are an internet stranger who likes knowing about another internet stranger

    That’s the gist — hit subscribe if you’re in!

About Me:

I think the quickest way to find out who I am is to start reading the Ten Times, but here are some arbitrary life highlights:

  • Most used phrase: “Thanks, I made it!”

  • In the process of renovating my home, with a goal to make it a welcoming place full of art and space to create

  • Really enjoy noticing tiny moments (yes, I eavesdrop in coffee shops)

  • Constantly drawing (and lugging sketchbooks everywhere)

  • My day job is in marketing/graphic design, and I really like it

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